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Damn am I outta practice but I ain't gonna let that slide me by. I'm going forward!

10 am on May 1st in fightingleaf's house,Rugburn returns from the wreckage of the imploded Menace Manor which is a shadow of what it used to be,sharing that the demigod Xavier was quick to compromise an establishment. leaf,also being a shadow of his former glory acknowledges the fact Sean,Menace and his comrades were nowhere to be seen and deems the dead until further notice. He,uncharacteristically decided to give in to his paranoia that his enemies are on his tail. Rugburn suggests to lay low in Sean's house after his untimely "death" which Jerry decides to shake his head. leaf calculated the possibilities that if Sean is out of the picture,the C.O.F or the 26 Society wouldn't bother searching for him there since it was compromised. 

Meanwhile at what used to belong to Sean's house..Stephanie's house,she feels sorry for herself and think that Sean got the prophecy wrong when three Crusaders die. Sean seems to be one of them. Rugburn barges in the house and introduces to her what seems to be "leaf" since this is a different person from that ninja we used to know. Rugburn reveals to her that 'Husky',leaf's wolf gauntlet is stolen by Xavier,the doomed god while also minimizing the risk of 'revealing leaf's identity'. This almost got "leaf" angered but he told to her what happened to Menace but we already know he's not dead soooo movin' on. Stephanie mumbles to herself that the '3 Crusaders' are dead which she almost slipped from her notice since Rugburn heard a little from her mumbling. Rugburn volunteers to find help like finding the creatures of Avalon to help him fight Xavier,proclaiming that Xavier has yet to see everything that will hit him like a hurricane and rushes off. "leaf" shakes his head in shame,stating that Rugburn is an idiot for attempting to fight Xavier and let his frustration of losing to Xavier in front of the poor,family-losing woman which shocked Stephanie for a moment. This was not the fightingleaf we know. She asks what his name really is but the man was too stubborn to answer but instead replies with the same 'fightingleaf' answer. Stephanie realizes that leaf revealed the least bit of info to the Crusaders although leaf replied that ninjas forbid themselves from revealing such history to their benefactors but Stephanie calls Bullshit on that since fightingleaf is not a ninja now without Husky. "leaf" answered that Husky is what made him powerful but it was not a proud answer one could be humble of. fightingleaf is no more.

Taking place outside of what belonged to Sean's house,the Two Dumb Bandits we know encountered....Randall,the reject Ultimate Warrior who scared the shit out of them and forced them to run away like a chicken shit. The poorly fashioned ex-wrestler sets his sights on finding "leaf" and manages to find him with a greeting a mother could love:  5:11,please
Sheesh,hope somebody gives this guy a mint or something. Did he even brush his teeth? He's dumb so I don't even understand why I even give a shit. Oh well. Randal decides to give leaf the beating he deserves but Stephanie barges in to give the "ninja" some air time to run like a chicken shit and slaps Randal but Randal sets his eyes on mangling annoying female thing and the game ends here. You lose:  Well that was a short review. XD Well no,its part of the story. As soon as Randal proceeds to kill Stephanie,leaf decides to smack his shit. Way to be a friend,awesome dipshit. Something is awry as the Ultimate Warrior knockoff isn't quite what he used to be. It turns out that the masked man,Xavier stole his powers. Greeaaaaat..seriously,what does this gold plated f*** have against everyone? Well,the feelings mutual when Randal feels he wants to pound the thieving c**** which I would feel to if anyone steals my morpher. Randal ex-posits more on the Awesomeness energy which fuels certain individuals around fightingleaf's life especially the Master which if he trains harder,he would gain more power which leaf sets aside the thought as ridiculous. Certainly,this power is much more complex compared to the Righteousness energy which is pretty cool considering that there has to be alternatives of energy for a certain hero. Take Spiderman and Thor for a comparison. A little misunderstanding comes when Todd comes in and a fight between U.W ripoff and Arnold Schwarzenegger ripoff ensues which envelops the Ghoul in. Poor guy. XD Outside of Sean's house all of a sudden like its Power Rangers, Todd unleashes his finger beam of DOOOM!! after Stephanie told him to wait but Todd understandably didn't since UW Ripoff was a villain after all. "leaf" tried to stop the Arnold ripoff which made the movie star ponder about his familiar features on a certain ninja with a wolf puppet on his left hand,giving Randal the opportunity to send him flying into space. Randal proceeds to lay the smack-down on the two until...his power shrunk again. XD Stephanie gave two thoughts about Randal's analysis on Awesomeness energy being gained by fighting stronger opponents and grinding as people call it in RPGs to strengthen their stats up which leaf still finds it Bullshit and stated that Awesomeness energy never was intended for Randal in the first place. Ok..that raises a lot of questions on this guy's origins. Meanwhile,Todd can breathe in space apparently. :rofl: leaf still doesn't believe in himself to handle Awesomeness and dismisses Randal's sudden burst of power as leftover of the Awesomeness. Prof. Cabbage,being captured by Xavier,will not be accessible to them at this point since he knows of their power but he did left out a clue for them which Rugburn left in Sean's house which was a energy Siphon machine. With the Energy Siphoner,it could be the key to prove Randal's theory but first,they need to find an item which is meant for a toaster....bread!! 

So leaf and Steph placed the toast into the Toasting Energy Siphoner and out comes...DNA readings on the toast!! DUN DUNNNNN!! Now with that outta the way,let's begin the montage: 

According to the toast,Randal's power rose to 10% which leaf is still skeptical about the changes done. Steph tries to convince leaf to not give in yet unfortunately,leaf would continue with Randal buuuuut he's still being a Negative Neil sadly. Back in Nixon's Penthouse,Nixon,informed by Connor on his team's completed progress to find the treasures,was interrupted by Rugburn who was rushing too fast and spill out so much info on the old alchemist. Nixon finally told him that lots of people including the beasts of animal come to help,told him about Xavier's godhood and M.D planning to rid Xavier of his immortality. Rugburn got what he need to know and rushes out when a crow pesters Nixon. 

Meanwhile out of Marketown,Randal told 'leaf' that he found him out using his sixth sense,feeling out a hidden power within 'leaf' which is how easily Randal did so. 'leaf' refuses to give out his special power which enrages the UW ripoff when 'leaf' spill out that he can control earth at will. Randal did recall his father 'Zangetsuken' using the same type of power,causing 'leaf' stunned as if he recalled a scar he couldn't remove for all these years. Randal tried much to encourage him to use his powers but a voice called leaf out not use his powers which is fightingleaf,big surprise. leaf pleaded to himself to try to save himself using the earthbending powers but fightingleaf would rather go to hell rather than transforming into a younger version of his father 'Zangetsuken' which he exposits about the crime Z-K did. leaf has a choice to use or not to use but being capable of using the impossibility. Randal finds leaf to be crazier than Randal since in reality,leaf was being shocked to the point of paranoia which is kinda shocking. leaf uses his power buuuuut it puts a strain on him,causing the mountain he was lifting to fall flat on both of 'em. leaf had enough of this and decided to walk away.

Steph still weeps in the living room of her 'deceased" brother's house when she heard a voice calling out to him which came from the crow...turning into a creature unlike anyone has seen before. The 'creature' halted her motions but did not complete silence her which she is able to speak to the monster as the meeting with the devil began. I'm not gonna reveal everything because this is some good shit I'm leaving for all of you to watch it for yourselves. Outside of Sean's house,leaf's conscience congratulate him on his decision and told him to search out for a life to find for himself since there are many things to learn and lots to learn from and "love",sounding like a forceful parent shutting out a child's dream. Rugburn jumps out of nowhere to tell him straight that heroes were not born because of power but because of their guts and bravery. I know fightingleaf lost his powers once: 

This was another case which is about determination to move on,not guts. fightingleaf at that time did not have the thought of moving on because he thinks people find him to be much of a bad guy,working with an evil demon and he has no reason to live on but in CC2,people do believe him but its just that he was scared at that point where his conscience told him to find something in life...that is deep. 'leaf' believed in himself and consciously,moved a piece of land from a mountain. NICE! Rugburn was suddenly struck by lightning when a loud shriek can be heard near Sean's house. Turns out that the demon Malphas brainwashed Steph to stall Randal and leaf. Fighting ensues,leaf won,Steph and leaf learned their lessons as both Randal and "leaf" decided to head to Nixon's Penthouse to plan the next move. Steph asked leaf what his real name is annnnnndddd...leaf answered with :iconconnan-bell: as his name. Oh yeah,baby. 

In a dark cavern in nowhere,Xavier,the demigod who has been plotting a scheme in the making,asked Malphas if the deciphering of the code is ready until the ritual's day. Malphas is scheming something else until he looked at his viewing globe to find out Sean is still alive...

To be continued...

Soo,how I find this chapter? I find it to be the most thrilling and the most character heavy of the chapters and the reason why I prefer leaf out of the three main Crusaders as a whole. Connan Bell,(finally we get to know his name!!!),is a complete badass at what he does. His performance on his characters is pretty well done,especially on Rugburn and 'leaf'. We finally get to delve in more on leaf's backstory and why he acts this way without Husky. He was much of a sad man who thinks himself as vaporware and seeing the shit he's gone through like reviews,being assaulted by Lady Noire and harassed by clowns made him a lot more insecure than ever. There are more powers he can access to but he was too afraid to use 'em due to his history with his father 'Zangetsuken' and yes,I'm sticking with that name for leaf's father for the rest of the duration of the Crusaders. leaf is possibly the best character out of this interactive venture. :)

Steph is much of a plot convenience in this chapter since she just sits there annnnnnnd,that's it. She does feel like she was cheated out of her family life due to her brother's "death" and you gotta feel sorry for her since no mention of the sibling's parents and their grandmother being a plot device.

Randal is the tough,brawny,stereotype of the bunch and he does feel like he was the guy to lead due to his strong words of training and montages and such due to his history being a wrestler. He does have another side which is this curious and amiable person which is kinda cute. He's so unsure of himself and he would scratch his head,wondering what went wrong. XD So he IS a gentle giant. I'm still hoping for a strong-willed,sarcastic woman to join the Crusaders to mock Randal to get to that one side we didn't see on Randal. XD

Rugburn,the cool guy of the bunch who is always up for the task of delivering and returning packages with a bow on it. He's not as cynical towards leaf is considering their situation but he does try to make up for their mishaps that happened during fightingleaf and the Yellow Brick Road which did gave Rugburn huuuge amounts of character development points for having to tell leaf to stand up to the odds without powers or not. Like with Sean,leaf believed in himself which made Rugburn another of my fave side characters in this venture but since he got struck by lightning,he needs to recuperate sadly. :(

Well,another review up the port bow and yeah,I didn't say much about Malphas because I wanna save that for the last part of Chapter analysis sooo...onwards to the 5th and penultimate episode.

Before ending this,there was a young lady from 20 years ago who has been highlighted in JEFusion and I can't let that go to waste:…

So baby please...fall in love: 
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